An Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council Arts Event The Clarence Players - The Last of the Last of the Mohicans 4th Model Box Productions - The Two Sisters 1st 3rd Kevin Duignan - Model Box Productions Best Director Best Actress Con McAlister - The Clarence Players Best Actor Clondarkin Drama Group for perseverance Adjudicator's Award Rosemary Drama Group - My Second Best Bed 2nd Laura Wood - Model Box Productions


Newtownabbey Drama Festival 2019 1-Act Festival An Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council Arts Event Adjudicator - Michael Poyner GODA ADA Wolstencroft GoDA Thursday 7 - Saturday 9 November 2019 8:00 pm (7:30 pm on Saturday)

The Clarence Players - The Last of the Last of the Mohicans  - Hugh Leonard

Dom’s plans for an exciting evening don’t quite work out!

Model Box Productions - Two Sisters - Caroline Harding

Set in a small village somewhere in Russia in 1880, two sisters – Anya and Sonya come to terms with some dark secrets from their past lives that they would rather have forgotten. Both had loved the same man years before and upon his untimely death, they had to embark on very different and questionable lives. Can they remain friends when the secrets finally emerge to haunt them after all these years?

Lifford Players - Brooding and Dangerous - Daniel Fenton

“He’s a brooding sort of a guy...but cute, very cute.” Eccentric, outspoken Mrs Getz wastes no time in pegging her new neighbour, Sid. Sid has been promised a new job at the local bank. Are things finally going right for Sid? Unfortunately not anytime soon! His wife finds a rejection letter in the post and Sid collapses – an emotional ruin. But plans are afoot to save him.....!


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Rosemary Drama Group - My Second Best Bed - Barry Syder

Three weeks after Shakespeare’s death in 1616, Curate Dunstan, a lover of the Bard’s work, arrives unexpectedly at the family home to read the great man’s will. Upon arriving he encounters Shakespeare’s elder daughter, Susanna. He makes it clear that an item in the will has disturbed him, for he clearly believes that it shows his hero in a rather unsavoury light. The pair are joined by the younger sister, Judith, and despite their sibling rivalry, the girls find common ground to explain to Dunstan the circumstances which shaped the playwright’s life. Indeed, having been joined by their ailing mother, it is soon revealed the nature of Shakespeare’s final act.

Moira Players - The Pot Boiler - Alice Gerstenber

A classic of the American stage, the play shows Mr Sud demonstrating how a truly great playwright (himself) constructs a play. For blocking he uses desktop items such as Mrs Pencil, Mr Ruler, Mr & Mrs Ivory (letter openers of course) and Mr Inkwell. As he piles cliché upon cliché, and the melodramatic plot unfolds, it becomes obvious that this brilliant satire might be describing one or more prominent playwrights of today.

Theatre 3 Newtownabbey - Getting Dark - Joe Graham

The play (based on a true story) is a very moving, very dark exploration of a young girl’s terrifying descent into blindness. The story is narrated by the adult Karen reliving her experiences, hopes and fears as a six year old who is unable to understand why colour is fading from her life. As her condition deteriorates, Karen’s parents are faced with an agonising dilemma.

Clondarkin Drama Group - More Sinned against than Sinning  - Liz Dobson

A beautifully written play where the condemned murderess, Marianne, spends her last hours before her execution reliving the events leading up to her conviction.

John Francey - Rosemary Drama Group Creative Sound


Model Box Productions - The Two Sisters Best Confined Play